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How to use GK Wellness Keratin Treatment


  1. Washing hair by GK Wellness Clarifying Shampoo, gentle massage and rinsing. Repeat the operation 1 time.
  2. Towel dry your hair about 80%
  3. Separate the hair into few equal parts and secure each section with a clip.
  4. Pour from 20ml to 50ml of Gk Wellness Keratin Treatment in a bowl and put on the gloves.
  5.  Hold an entire section near the nape. Apply the product from the section neat the roots, open the section and apply the product on from roots to ends. Repeat on all four sides of the section. Use a fine tooth comb through the entire section, from the roots to the ends, making sure the whole length of hair is covered by the product. Do not over saturate. Repeat the same application procedure on the other section.
  6. Place plastic cap over hair and heating 40 to 45 minutes.
  7. Remove plastic cap. Comb hair thoroughly with a fine tooth comb removing excess product from hair. Blow 80% dry.
  8. Divide hair into several sections. Using 220C flat iron, starting from nape, taking 1/8 inch (not too much) sections from hair 10 times for healthy hair, 8 times for damage hair, till hair feel dry. H the ends of the hair are severely damagedor split, cautiously go over the ends fewer times and slowly with the flat iron to prevent further damage.
  9. Wash the hair After 2 days, GK Wellness Keratin Shampoo
  10. Apply GK Wellness Keratin Mask and work it through the hair. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse again.
  11. Blow dry hair and then apply GK Wellness Keratin Serum for shine.

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